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6th grade – Designs inspired by Joan Miró

6th grade – Designs inspired by Joan Miró

The Whimsical Art of Joan Miró

Description of the Unit –

Students discovered the work of Joan Miró (1893-1983), a modern artist who blended thoughtful, “high art” concepts with spontaneous, playful designs that captured the imagination and challenged then-current notions of what constituted “good” art. A Miró tableau employed a muted, sparsely colored background with childlike doodles, geometric shapes and blocks of mostly primary color as foreground.

Guided by a similar sense of play, whimsy and surprise, students reproduced similarly styled, playful designs of their own.

A painting titled La estrella matinal, by Joan Miró, 1940
La estrella matinal, Joan Miró, 1940
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