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3rd Grade – 2-D and 3-D designs à la Keith Haring

3rd Grade – 2-D and 3-D designs à la Keith Haring

Line & Color with Keith Haring

Description of the Unit –

Students explored the work of contemporary New York artist Keith Haring. A crafty, resourceful and thoughtful artist, Haring created artwork with powerful messages using deceptively simple, cartoon-like designs in a variety of spaces, both private and public. His work was accessible to a diverse public in ways few artists had achieved.

Students observed and discussed his use of bold, primary and secondary colors, but more importantly they focused on Haring’s use of straightforward line to suggest movement, gesture and feeling. Students attempted their own designs inspired by the characteristics of Haring’s work. The first lesson had students create designs in 2-D, the second in 3-D.

3rd grade Keith Haring-inspired line figure drawings
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