Month: April 2020

1st Grade – Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portraits

1st Grade – Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portraits

 Description of the Unit – Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portraits

Students will explore Frida Kahlo’s iconic self-portraits and, using their observations of her work, create their own, including at least one “spirit” animal in the portrait with them.

Self portrait with Bonito, 1941

Relationship to life –

Frida Kahlo was a prolific painter whose most painted subject was herself. She often painted herself with various animals by her side, such as monkeys, parrots, hummingbirds and deer. Some of these were her real life pets, others were animals she identified with. If students had to choose animals that they personally identify with, what animals would they be, and why?

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Kindergarten – “Our Eyes”

Kindergarten – “Our Eyes”

Description of the Unit –

“Our Eyes” – Students take turns observing each other’s eyes and drawing them.

Kindergarten student draws another student’s eyes

Activity statement –

This lesson invites students to truly gaze. Students will feel silly at first, sitting face-to-face just staring at one another, and there will be embarrassed giggles all around, but the idea is to prompt students to notice two elements in particular: the shapes they see within the features of the eyes, and the texture of the eyebrows.

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