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5th Grade – Weaving an Ojo de Dios

5th Grade – Weaving an Ojo de Dios

Description of the Unit –

Students will learn about the Huichol tradition of weaving an “Ojo de Dios” and practice weaving one of their own, attempting more complicated patterns and techniques as they progress.

Activity statement –

Upon the birth of a baby, Huichol (an indigenous Mexican group) parents weave a beautifully colored and elaborate “Ojo de Dios”, signifying health and protection throughout the child’s life. The child adds to this very Ojo de Dios with each new birthday starting at about age 5. Beginning with a simplified Huichol weaving style, students will create an Ojo de Dios, which will develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. With each new Ojo de Dios a student attempts, he/she will practice more complicated weaving techniques, create more elaborate color and shape designs, and improve their overall finished product.

I have a short video on making an Ojo de Dios here:

The Huichol of Nayarit, Mexico with an Ojo de Dios
Where the Huichol are located
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