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4th Grade – Japanese Notan Designs

4th Grade – Japanese Notan Designs

Description of the Unit –

In this unit students will explore the relationship between positive and negative space via the elaboration of a Notan design using both geometric and organic shapes.

4th grade Japanese Notan Designs

Activity statement –

Notan is a design concept of Japanese origin that plays with the relationship (what I like to call “the dance”*) between dark and light, or rather positive and negative space, and how the existence of one naturally engenders the other. Using both organic and geometric shapes cut out of a rectangle and then flipped over, students will experiment with the way shapes contribute to a dynamic relationship between positive and negative space. This unit also satisfies requirements within the California Visual Arts Standards for fourth grade, including 1.2 under Artistic Perception, “describe how negative shapes/forms and positive shapes/forms are used in a chosen work of art”; and 2.6 under Creative Expression “use the interaction between positive and negative space expressively in a work of art.”

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