4th Grade – Loom Weaving

4th Grade – Loom Weaving

Description of the Unit –

Students will practice simple loom weaving and create one small tapestry.

Activity statement –

In the California Visual Arts Standards, fourth grade students should experience using “fibers…to create a simple weaving,” (2.4, Creative Expression). Further, as students will be working on sewing samplers in fifth grade, they will benefit from this opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Finally, while practicing this simple weaving technique on a cardboard loom, students will reinforce their understanding of color and pattern via the design they choose to weave.

4th Grade – Loom weaving, works in progress

Goals –

Students should…


  • The basic ‘over-under’ technique for loom weaving


  • What the terms ‘warp’ and ‘weft’ mean

Be able to:

  • Use colors and patterns creatively as they weave

Weave a simple ‘over-under’ pattern

Objectives –

Students will: create one simple cardboard loom tapestry

Resources and materials –

  • An example of a weaving
  • Pre-cut cardboard looms
  • Multicolored yarn
  • Tapestry or weaving needles
  • Scissors
  • Warp thread
  • Dowels for hanging tapestries (optional)

Questions –

  • What do the warp threads do?
  • What is the weft?
  • What you begin a new line, do you go the same way, or do you flip the pattern?
  • What kinds of colors would look interesting side by side on your tapestry?
  • How can you play with pattern? Describe…

Evaluation – Did students

  • Proficiently weave their tapestries?
  • Creatively play with color and pattern on their tapestry?


  • Student questions
  • Group discussions
  • Oral responses to essential questions
  • Elaboration and risk-taking
4th Grade – Loom Weaving
4th Grade – Loom Weaving
4th Grade – Loom Weaving
4th Grade – Loom Weaving
4th Grade – Loom Weaving
4th Grade – Loom Weaving
4th Grade – Loom Weaving

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