1st Grade – Pattern Collages

1st Grade – Pattern Collages

Description of the Unit –

Students will reinforce their understanding of patterns in art by creating collage patterns both individually and then in trios for a triptych of patterns.

Activity statement –

Pattern is one of the elements of the visual arts. It is represented as repetition, be it of a color, line, shape, symbol or combination of some or all of these. The repetition can serve to communicate a sense of balance, rhythm, harmony, movement and contrast in the artwork.

1st grade individual pattern collage

Goals –

Students should…


  • What a pattern is
  • How patterns can be made
  • What a pattern can communicate about an artwork


  • How to recognize a pattern
  • The meanings of “balance”, “movement”, “harmony”, “rhythm” and “contrast” as pertains to art

Be able to:

  • Define pattern
  • Create a pattern in collage from multicolored pieces of paper

Objectives –

Students will: Learn the variety of ways patterns can manifest in art, and create simple patterns in collage.

Individual pattern collage

Resources and materials –

  • Examples of pattern in art
  • Colored construction paper
  • Bristol paper for the format for individual pattern
  • Bristol paper cut for triptych format
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Questions –

(While looking at artwork with patterns)

Do you notice anything that repeats? Are there other ways the art has repetition?

Does the artwork look balanced to you? How?

Where is there contrast?

(With these colored shapes of paper)

How can you make a pattern?

(Have different students demonstrate patterns)

Triptych collage with each section completed by a different student

Evaluation –

Did students:

Recognize pattern in other artwork?

Understand what pattern can do in an artwork?

Thoughtfully create a patterned collage?

Create a patterned triptych in groups of three?


  • Group discussions
  • Oral and written responses to essential questions
Triptych collage with each section completed by a different student

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